The findings are unusually rich, telling volumes on the high status of the fortress lord.

Objects imported from the Mediterranean world were also symbols of social status: bronze vases and lamps as well as the "millefiori" glass fragment.

A special piece is the bronze mask of a feminine figure (also known as "Bendis of Piatra Rosie") very likely of Celtic origin, in which a deity was identified

The weaponry and harness pieces suggest the warrior profile of the Dacian aristocracy at the end of the Iron Age.

Wrought iron disks ("shields") found in the apse building on the first terrace and in a nearby antique pit seam to have been religious adornments of some sort.

Other findings (tools, bronze casting moulds) indicate the presence of craftsmen in the entourage of the fortress lord and complete the complex landscape of the life 2000 years ago at the "court" of such aristocratic character.