History of research

Sarmizegetusa Regia - Istoricul cercetarilorThe first modern times information on the Grădiştea de Munte ruins goes back to the beginning of the XIXth century. At the time, the Austrian administration sent representatives to investigate the discovery of the precious metal hoards in the area. The imperial messengers officially reported the existence of the fortification and of other stone constructions, and a lot of ancient artifacts.

During the XIXth century, Grădiştea de Munte was in the attention of scholars and antiquities collectors, some of them even starting excavations in different spots of the ancient settlement.

The first systematic studies started after the first World War, in 1922-1924, when the professor D. M. Teodorescu of Cluj investigated the fortification and the great circular temple. In 1950 started the ample archaeological research project for the site, under the supervision of professor Constantin Daicoviciu. Since then were excavated fortification elements, cult edifices, metal workshops, water supply facilities, habitations and annexes.